The Author

I go by "Unfit" (Fentanyl, before the name was banned) on the Naddist Rebels (US PvP-EST) server. I'm a member of Anesthesia, an Empire progression raiding guild.

I was a beta tester for approximately ten months. My primary testing focus was Gunslinger/Sniper combat mechanics and balance. By the time Early Access opened, I'd already been to level 50 five or six different times (once in each major build, between character wipes).

The Blog

Snipers of the Old Republic is a place for general information of interest to Gunslinger and Sniper players. I prefer to write about class mechanics, popular questions, bugs, and gameplay fundamentals. I strive to be honest about what I know, what I don't know, and what can't yet be known.

There will occasionally be credited guest authors.

I often answer questions posted in the comments section at the end of each blog entry. I can also be reached at: Fentanyl213@gmail.com. Corrections are welcome.

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