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  1. Love the guides you are providing! They've been a great help as I design my own Sniper for the game. I just had one question: I played a bit of the beta, and tried the IA as both a male and female Chiss, but not very many levels in. They both seemed awesome to play, the male feeling very 007, but the female seemed kick ass herself; so I thought maybe you could give me a bit more insight on to how the story line plays out depending on the sex of the character, and which you enjoyed yourself.
    Thanks! :)


  2. Both storylines are pretty compelling. Without exaggeration, the IA story has a lot of the best plot twists in general.

    "Gender" differences in the story provide a few more subtle changes than the more jarring ones that can happen based on your "Light" or "Dark" conversation choices. Both Male and Female IA voice actors have done an excellent job. I only played Female IA Sniper to 32 in one build as a way to "relearn" my class in between separate builds (I had a 50 Gunslinger carried over from a previous build at the time, and back then a comparison helped me stay "fresh" on the class).

    You won't be disappointed playing either male or female.

    Also: It seems there is some weird law that says all level 50 Snipers on a PvP server must be Chiss. Not even kidding.

  3. Loving the site. Thanks to you I have been rocking PvP. Switching my spec to match yours tomorrow for the increase in Endurance in the engineering tree.


  4. Ironically enough, I often used my Engineering leveling spec for Engineering-based PvP.

    I try to include mobility and control builds for more diehard PvPers, but personally I always tried to find builds that would do well in any arena. My leveling/basic PvE builds are usually PvP viable because I hated needing to respec all the time. Heh.

    This reminds me that I need to write an explanation for my choice not to use Vital Regulators...


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