Translate Sniper/Gunslinger Abilities

Instructions: Use "ctrl-F" to open the "Find" dialogue box in your web browser. Type in the name of the ability you wish to translate and find it in the list. Imperial Agent and Sniper abilities are on the left, Smuggler and Gunslinger abilities are on the right.

Credit: Thanks to Frank for providing the list, organizing the abilities, and adding the tooltip links. Feel free to thank him in the comments section as well. Any remaining errors you can blame on me. -Fen

Imperial Agent Sniper & Smuggler Gunslinger Ability List and Translations 

Imperial Agent / Smuggler  

Imperial Agent Unique Abilities

Smuggler Unique Abilities 

Sniper / Gunslinger  

Sniper Unique Abilities

Gunslinger Unique Abilities

Sniper Engineering / Gunslinger Saboteur 

Sniper Marksmanship / Gunslinger Sharpshooter  

Sniper Lethality / Gunslinger Dirty Fighting 

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