08 Lethality

Summary: I consider a full Lethality build to be an energy-intensive, highly mobile spec with great damage potential (in shorter fights). It's strong in PvP but not my first choice in PvE. Read on for details.

Lethality Basics

Damage: Your main source of damage is Cull. It's the reason you build this spec. Learn to love it and use it effectively. It's also the reason you'll have energy problems (unless you're very good at resource management). You will also be learning to manage your poison DoT abilities.

Energy Usage: You use an extraordinary amount of energy to pull good damage. Unfortunately for you, most of your energy regeneration (Lethal Purpose) is also based on luck. Sometimes you won't have problems because you get lucky crit streaks. At other times you'll either need to burn your Adrenaline Probe or wait a long time to get energy back.

Mobility: Lethality is the single most mobile Sniper spec. Why? All of your core damage abilities can be used outside of cover.

Survivability: Mobility is what makes this build survivable. Other than that, you'll use fewer of the "hard" defensive cooldowns. Your mobility is your defense. You end up with skills that decrease the cooldown on Evasion and Shield Probe, for example, but rarely will you use your cover-based defenses.

Utility: Lethality benefits from Flash Powder's accuracy reduction and the ability to do damage while moving. Adhesive Corrosives are a strong, brief slow in comparison to Engineering's Inventive Interrogation Techniques on Interrogation Probe. I interpret Lethality as a more PvP-focused spec.

Rotation and Cooldown Management: Honestly, there's a pretty obvious rotation. Step one: Apply poisons. Step two: Cull the target. The problem is that it takes so much energy to do this. In order for your energy regeneration to be good (i.e. sustainable) you need Corrosive Grenade to hit multiple targets and for the DoT to crit multiple times. I recommend a DoT crit rate of 50% or better.

Conclusion: This is an interesting build for people who are bored with playing Sniper in the "traditional" way (i.e. cover-based Marksmanship). The spec has good damage potential if you don't mind resource management being the hardest thing about the class. A good rotation involves budgeting in "downtime" greater than the GCD so that you can regenerate your energy. I favor a more deliberate damage pace with Lethality and often use my downtime to activate defensive cooldowns that cost no energy.

In PvP, you'll melt single targets faster than any other spec. Groups can be a problem. I find this ironic because you want to land Corrosive Grenade on multiple targets to increase your energy regeneration. If your target is below 30% health you are almost guaranteed to kill them.

In PvE, you excel at doing damage to armored single targets (bosses and tanks) that have higher resistance to common kinetic-based damage and lower resistance to your internal-based DoT damage. You will need to be extremely good at energy management (in comparison to the substantially more forgiving Marksmanship) in order to reach your full damage potential. Although you are useful when clearing trash, any of your damage abilities are a fairly large energy investment.

I do not recommend Lethality for first-time snipers or people who want to spam abilities.

Lethality Builds

Lethality Leveling Builds (not recommended)

I don't level as a Lethality sniper. The early levels are easy enough that it wouldn't be hard to do, but I'd find it counter-intuitive and a little frustrating without the energy regeneration talents and the better gear required for this spec to excel. An ungeared Lethality sniper cannot dish out the same level of damage that ungeared Marksmanship/Engineering snipers can. Sniper is a heavily gear-dependent class to begin with, but Lethality is in an even more awkward place because their energy regeneration depends on the DoT (Tech) crit rate achieved in part through gear.

I recommend trying out Lethality only when you can reach a DoT crit rate of (minimum) 45%. I am currently sitting at a 52% DoT crit rate as a Lethality sniper. Most of my experience with Lethality comes from playing with builds at level 50.

As such, I cannot recommend leveling as a Lethality spec. I'm not going to stop people who want to try it, but unless you plan on doing PvP exclusively while you level? In my opinion the extra frustration isn't worth it.

If you're dead set on leveling as Lethality, I'll be happy to answer specific questions either emailed to me or posted in the comments section below.

Pure Lethality PvE Build


Rationale: This build focuses on Lethality's pure damage skills while also taking defensive cooldowns with significant PvE application (Flash Powder comes to mind). Gearhead and Energy Tanks are fairly standard secondary skill choices in many PvE sniper builds.

Pros: High damage output, mobility, and increased Cull damage (Steady Shots) and Orbital Strike damage (Explosive Engineering). Orbital Strike does not need to be used in cover and is a particularly effective "fire-and-forget" PvE tool that I find worthwhile to add to a Lethality build.

Cons: This is a fairly squishy build that requires good support and careful energy management.

Pure Lethality PvP Damage Build


Rationale: This is a fairly standard/conservative build that drops the alacrity from PvE and picks up Shiv damage and Slip Away instead. I also take Engineer's Tool Belt for the reduced CD on Flash Bang. You could drop some of the damage skill choices in favor of increased control/defensive/cc abilities. I regard that as a personal choice. This build tends to be my "baseline." Any other builds I test tend to be a modification of this general template. Note that most of the time I play a pure  Lethality sniper in PvP without ever taking cover.

Pros: High mobility and damage potential. You will be destroying anyone who gets below 30% health (Devouring Microbes).

Cons: Relatively squishy build, though some of this is alleviated by figuring out which defensive cooldowns are most useful to you.

Negotiable Points: There are some defensive cooldowns I like better than others. I find Cover Pulse knockback CD reduction to be useful in PvP. You may like something different. I stick to some basic points of Lethality damage and then after that I mix and match skills that go well together (i.e. Slip Away and Razor Edge).

Key Lethality-Specific Abilities

Corrosive Grenade: This ability provides a significant amount of damage and is one of your primary energy regeneration tools (via Lethal Purpose). Since you rely on poison crits, you need to get your poisons onto as many targets as possible without compromising your energy level.

Cull: This is a low-cooldown high-damage ability. Unfortunately it has a high energy cost and you need to put your poison DoTs (Corrosive Grenade and Corrosive Dart) on your target to get the most out of it. I have a love-hate relationship with this ability. Managing your energy usage while using Cull as often as possible is the major balancing act of using this spec.

Note: Cull takes only the poisons you personally apply to your target into account. It will not tick for extra damage if someone else has applied the poison. I tested this myself.

Weakening Blast: It does up-front damage and makes your poison DoTs (Tech-Internal damage profile) better on that target. It works mostly as advertised. Personal testing provided evidence that Cull's bonus damage (yellow flytext) consumes stacks of Weakening Blast. However, DoTs from other agents also consume your stacks! A particularly effective burst damage combination is Weakening Blast to full-stack Cull on a target near or below 30% health (to take advantage of the buff to your damage from Devouring Microbes).

Basic Ability Priority Breakdowns

Lethality has one of the simplest possible priorities in comparison to other Sniper specs.

PvE Priorities

Your number one priority is to keep your energy high enough so that you can execute abilities. This is harder than it sounds. If you must burn your energy, be sure you have Adrenaline Probe available. After that:

1. DoT (Corrosive Dart and Corrosive Grenade)
2. Cull
3. Repeat without draining your energy.

You can mix in Orbital Strike if you like (it doesn't require cover).

Weakening Blast is on a 15second cooldown and should be used on stronger targets when your DoTs will have more opportunities to tick. Keep in mind that targets with DoTs on them cannot be controlled with Flash Bang.

PvP Priorities

See above. No, seriously. It's that easy.

In PvP you'll have more opportunities to run away and LoS your opponents. Your priority is still to use a full-stack Cull as often as possible without running out of energy. You play Lethality build so that you can Cull people to death.

Priority targets include anyone below 30% health (you melt them even faster than Marksmen or Engineers).

And from Myth in the comments section:
"Fentanyl - You should probably add frag grenade to the lethality rotation in pvp. It'll bottom out your energy but they get the best frag grenade of all specs (+23% damage, engineers get more surge but less base), so if it hits 2 targets its the next best thing you can do for DPE.

Also disagree with the strength of the spec versus groups - Lethality is the best spec for dealing with groups in pvp because their snare is aoe, they get 2 good grenades, they get a movement speed buff on debilitate so have some hope of escape and they can dump their energy into damage fastest when your death is inevitable.

Also an aoe long lasting dot is fantastic versus groups in PvP because dots prevent capping points and easy use of recuperate."
See my response in the comments section for why I find that an adequate but not optimal strategy. Part of it is personal/playstyle preference, but what you use can also depend on the relative skill thresholds of your PvP teammates.

Lethality Energy/Resource Management

I consider managing resources to be the most difficult aspect of playing Lethality successfully.

The trick to this is to use abilities slow enough so that you aren't draining your energy. You'll have to find things to do while your energy is regenerating. This includes using defensive abilities or repositioning. Good Lethality players will not spam abilities and will allow their energy to regenerate slightly longer than one GCD (1.5 seconds). I almost never move out of 5/tick energy regen territory.

The trick is in how many targets you have available to DoT.

On a single target you must play conservatively. You only have one target to generate energy (Lethal Purpose).

On multiple targets you can play more aggressively because you are more likely to get energy back from your DoTs.

I like playing Lethality to bring down single heavily-armored targets. I do not like Lethality for clearing trash -- you invest too much energy and you're still basically a single-target killer.

Interrupts and Defensive Cooldowns

If it comes down to a choice between fight or flight, Lethality is usually better off with the "flight" option. Choosing to run away just means that your DoTs have more time to tick.

Potential Interrupts: Distraction, Flash Bang, Debilitate, Cover Pulse.
Any ability that uses a "cast bar" (appears below your target's health bar) is a strong candidate for interruption. Over time you'll begin to recognize those that need to be interrupted and those that don't. This becomes key in high-level PvE.

Defensive Cooldowns: Evasion, Shield Probe, Entrench (for anyone or anything trying to knock you out of cover), Ballistic Shield (ends on exiting cover, good to combine with Entrench), and Escape (breaks you out of control abilities).

Defensive cooldowns are usually strongest when combined with each other. You are less likely to need defensive cooldowns during normal questing and more likely to need defensive cooldowns when fighting high-level strong enemies and any level of elite enemy.

Evasion, Shield Probe, and Escape are the most relevant cooldowns for Lethality snipers.

Note: Advanced Recon is a health regeneration ability (and it resets the CD on Adrenaline Probe!) that’s linked to you having your companion present. It has a 20min cooldown, but can be quite useful if fighting a tough class quest elite or an annoyingly strong elite in the open world. Usually I like to wipe to a fight once before deciding whether or not to use it. By all means use this ability if you think it’ll be enough to help you win the first time (death is one of the biggest time wasters). It takes judgment and practice to know when to use it.

I find that Advanced Recon is best used a short time after you've decided you need to use Adrenaline Probe again. The health regeneration effect lasts a full minute, though, so you'll get more health regeneration out of the full duration. It also makes challenging fights a bit less stressful. Keep it in mind as an option. It makes a great "I win" button in solo PvE.


Kaliyo is your tank for early and late game (useful in single-target elite fights). Keep her geared. Evaluate her use in fights with multiple targets, but lean toward Vector.

Vector is your melee DPS and has reasonable survivability. Keep him geared, use him in “normal” questing and sometimes against multiple targets post-Alderaan.

Ensign Temple is your ranged DPS companion and tends to go down fast. She’s useful in “normal” questing if you focus her targets. She’s sometimes useful if you’re planning to burst down a single elite target as well (risky strategy, but effective against enemies that can heal themselves).

Doctor Lokin is your healer companion. He’s good all the way around, but at his best when your gear is up to par and you can take some hits (i.e. you’re good at using your defensive cooldowns to give him time to heal you). I consider him the “safe” choice for most lategame fights and an excellent companion for reducing questing downtime.


Lethality is a significant departure from the other cover-dependent modes of Sniper gameplay. You are under no obligation to use cover. This spec has as much or more damage potential as Marksmanship. Energy management still poses a significant challenge to realizing that potential.

Cull is Lethality's primary source of damage. Many people will tell you not to bother with the spec until you are able to skill into Cull. For the most part they're right.

I consider Lethality to be a better option for PvP than for PvE. PvP fights tend to be over quickly and allow you time to recover if you've properly positioned yourself. PvE fights tend to be longer and require more sustained damage and consistent energy management. Lethality is so energy intensive that playing it to its maximum potential in PvE tends to be more trouble than its worth (at least for me). For high-level PvE raiding, I generally prefer to stick with my standard Marksmanship sniper.

Permissions: This guide may be reproduced in whole or in part. If you do, please give me credit and link back to the original content either here on my blog (imperialsniper.com) or to my stream: http://twitch.tv./fentanyl213 Thanks!

Comments/Corrections: You're welcome to comment on the blog directly or email me at Fentanyl213@gmail.com. I answer email as time permits.

Update History:
01/21/2012: Edited guide to reflect the results of Lethality testing.


  1. Fantastic! I am looking forward to Lethality PVP and I appreciate you researching this.

  2. Nice guide Fen.
    I'd be very curious to see a Marksmanship PvP guide. Considering how locked in place we are I find it very unnatural when PvPing.

  3. How can i get 50% (52%) crit raiting on 50?

  4. Pretty easy Frozzy, you get 18% (12% dots 6% general) from the tree and 5% from your class buff.
    After that its just a matter of good gear, selecting for crit in your gearing and being biochem for the stims.
    You will be gearing for crit as lethality for the energy return so it isn't unreasonable.

    Fentanyl - You should probably add frag grenade to the lethality rotation in pvp. It'll bottom out your energy but they get the best frag grenade of all specs (+23% damage, engineers get more surge but less base), so if it hits 2 targets its the next best thing you can do for DPE.

    Also disagree with the strength of the spec versus groups - Lethality is the best spec for dealing with groups in pvp because their snare is aoe, they get 2 good grenades, they get a movement speed buff on debilitate so have some hope of escape and they can dump their energy into damage fastest when your death is inevitable.

    Also an aoe long lasting dot is fantastic versus groups in PvP because dots prevent capping points and easy use of recuperate.

  5. Myth: Frag Grenade is one of those things that I'll use if I have nothing else to do. It is slightly higher up in my Lethality priority than dead last (and only because of the native damage boost in the Lethality tree).

    The way I play, I try not to run myself out of energy -- ever -- for any reason. Nothing will cut your damage output more significantly than running out of energy at the wrong time.

    I realize that's personal preference. You and I are of much the same opinion about Corrosive Grenade's usefulness as a long-lasting DoT, though. It's quite effective for preventing group caps -- but so is Orbital Strike or even just one Fragmentation Grenade!

    A lot of what you'll need to use in PvP depends on how good or bad your team is. If you have a good team you will almost never need to use Corrosive Grenade to prevent point caps (Rifle Shot works just as well and it's free).

    Most of my playstyle revolves around killing a single target as fast as possible (i.e. before their healers have time to move into range, cleanse my DoTs, or otherwise prevent me from killing their teammate).

    I find "killing people" is the most effective strategy for both reducing the other team's damage output and lowering their chance of capping.

    That said -- yes, using Fragmentation Grenade and using Corrosive Grenade to prevent point caps are both important situational choices (a big element in the upcoming PvP section of the guide). I don't like tackling groups as a Lethality sniper in PvP because it's basically suicide if there's anyone on the team who knows what they're doing. You're very squishy and although you have a brief movement speed boost, that still won't stop a Shadow from running up behind you and knocking you down (curse you Force Speed!).

    On the bright side? You are actually focused less if you never use cover in PvP. The shield attracts Jedi Shadows. True story.

  6. Absolutely loving Lethality. Specced yesterday with the 2/7/32 build (moved the 2 out of Hold Your Ground into Counterstrike. Might move them back. Don't know). My average WZ damage / kill-death ratio has gone through the roof. Loving the different playstyle than Marks, though I'll give that a shot with some better gear down the road.

    Cull + relics and adrenals is insanity.

  7. Well all specs of sniper are terrible against groups, but lethality is the least terrible!

    Im of the opinion that you dump your energy as fast as you can because you have zero survivability and you get a full tank on respawn or winning for recuperate.

    Snipers are in a terrible mess for PvP generally except for 3 shotting lvl 10s when you are in full epics.

    Snipers are certainly last for pvp survivability.

    Snipers might also be dead last for pvp damage when people factor in that dodge, shield, deflect and cover only affect us to any significant degree as we are the only class who relies primarily on weapon damage.

  8. If cull's bonus damage is affected by Weakening Blast, shouldn't it also be affected by devouring microbes? I noticed in a forum post that you said cull's bonus is not affected by devouring microbes as it is not poison related, but if it is affected by weakening blast then it seems like it must be.

  9. Without a combat log it is difficult to be precise about what's happening with poison effects. The only (direct) poisons that Snipers can access are Corrosive Dart and Corrosive Grenade. These are definitely affected by Devouring Microbes.

    People have reported (see above) that Cull's extra DoT ticks now benefit from Weakening Blast.

    Due to the way I play Sniper (Cull as an opener to get Devouring Microbes to proc on the initial poisons below 30% and then Takedown to finish), it's very hard for me to tell if Cull's bonus is also benefiting from Devouring Microbes or not.

    And now that you mention it ... I am not entirely sure that Weakening Blast affects Cull's extra DoT procs. This is something that I'll test personally when I have time/money for the respec. I tested it once in beta and cannot now remember my conclusions (pure Lethality build is my most infrequently played spec).

    Lack of combat log and the occasional ambiguity of flytext numbers can make testing difficult. In the meantime I'll add a disclaimer (i.e. "pending personal testing") to that section of the guide. I can remember Cull not being affected by either Weakening Blast or Devouring microbes in beta, but I'm not sure ... when that was, exactly. It's possible things have changed and it's certainly worth revisiting.

  10. So, Fentanyl, tell me what gear (full - relics, imps etc..) u will recommend for this build with high crit chances.

    And one more about gear. Me and my 3 friends farms HM FP pretty easy, so i got an idea. Only gear with crit stat is head, bracers, gloves and some firearms. Is it worth to farm gloves\helms\offhands (ok, helms OPS only), get any columi ticket of it, convert it into gear and take battle ench and keen mods and fit it into my PVP gear?

    p.s. Sorry for bad english =)

  11. Just turned 50 a few days ago, I've got one pair of Champion pants and thats it for pvp gear. I switched to Lethality and I love the mobility, still trying to get myself used to not popping into cover. I did notice a big drop in my biggest hits done by around 1k damage drop while being Lethality spec. I do about the same damage 160k to 190k average. I've been trying to single out enemies chasing the ball carrier or whoever is targeting me. My crit rate w/class buff is 40+% and my Crit multplier is 83%. So my dots should be giving me a 52+% crit rate. I've only been stacking crit/surge/accuracy, the accuracy only if it happens to be on a piece of gear. Is the expertise lacking on my character stopping me from some serious hits? I do need to pick up a pvp vibroknife I think its got over 100 more tech power that should help with my grenades. I was wondering do I CULL as soon as I place my 2 dots on the target?

  12. Fr0zZy -
    I'd recommend just using the Field Tech gear that BioWare designed for Snipers (it's the one with Sniper set bonuses). Trust me. They have all the math on the class and they're probably right! If you're going to be PvPing, go for the PvP gear with expertise on it. If you're not -- use the other stuff (or at least as much of it as possible).

    Skrewged -
    You're probably missing power (key component of single-hit damage). It's okay to be missing some power if you're building Lethality since your main abilities are for the most part internal damage. Lethality does a lot of damage but doesn't get really big hits. That, incidentally, is why my Cover and Cull build is so unusual -- for that one you need a balance of crit/acc/surge/power since you're equally reliant on kinetic and internal damage. As you've probably noticed, stat-stacking (i.e. not balancing between crit/acc/surge/power) results in some unpredictable inefficiencies. The fastest way to not accidentally gimp yourself is to use the Sniper gear sets (PvE and PvP) as designed by Bioware (aka: the people with the math).

    1. Any advice on what to do now that I'm 50? Ilum quests i haven't started any of those yet, been focusing on trying to get some pvp gear. How much expertise does a person need in this build?

    2. If PvP is your focus, the more Expertise the better (this is true of any class and any build). The "what to do at 50" list is neither exhaustive nor totally inclusive.

      Now that you're 50 you can:

      1. Do dailies/weeklies. These are linked to Hard Mode Operations and Flashpoints, PvP daily/weekly quests on Ilum, and "regular" PvE daily quests on Ilum and Belsavis. I'm lucky enough to have a raiding guild for HM and NM Operations.

      2. Grind PvP Valor. Max rank is 65. I should have a post up soonish about how to farm medals for WZ valor. Related to grinding PvP valor is obtaining PvP gear bags.

      3. Cap your craft skill. Consider releveling Biochem if you aren't Biochem (srs, it's a good craft).

      4. Cap your companions' affection (the stories are fun, I figure why not see the rest of them?).

      5. Level an Alt (I have a Sorc DPS and a Marauder DPS in progress).

  13. Fen, thanks a lot for your time to post this guide. I've tried the marksman and lvl 36 I switched to Engineering. For myself I prefer Marksman but I will try Dirty Fighting today or tomorrow when I hit 50. I got problem in warzone. It took awhile to get into cover. It doesn't happen on pve though. Any idea what cause it?

    Btw on the Engineering Tree, does the Explosive Engineering/Independent Anarchy 15% increase extra damage on all area effect dmg including Thermal Grenade, Shrap Bomb/Corrosive Grenade?

    1. Well there are a couple things (I don't actually have problems getting into cover):

      1. There's a bug that says you're in cover when you aren't. That's annoying.
      2. There can be a slight delay in ability activation after you take cover. I believe is is a bug as well.

      If you're having a delay actually taking cover that could be caused by your internet connection or having your graphics turned up too high for your machine (ah, the various causes of lag!).

      Explosive Engineering/Independent Anarchy are difficult to test without a combat log. To the best of my knowledge, the 15% damage increase applies to (tested):

      (Targeted Reticle Abilities) Orbital Strike, Suppressive Fire, and Plasma Probe

      There was evidence in beta to suggest that Explosive Engineering bonuses did not apply to Fragmentation Grenade/Thermal Grenade and Shrap Bomb/Corrosive Grenade. If I can find any evidence to the contrary you can be sure that I'll post it.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Fen, long time reader of your blog but first time poster, excellent information here. I have a few questions on your recommendations on lethality pvp build.

    1. Offense. This is my basic pvp offensive rotation: WB, dart, corrosive grenade (ideally I save corrosive for multi targets), then cull. I have several questions here that I would appreciate your help on. (A) Does WB need to be on a target first or can you apply poisons then WB? From the tooltip, I assume the latter. Is it better to change WB to the end of my rotation?(B)You mentioned you open with cull, what specificially is your usual pvp rotation? (C) What skills to use when your cull/wb/dart/grenade is on CD (brief but it happens). I generally do the following in order of energy availability: overload shot (replace with frag grenade if multi enemy), rifle shot. Any suggestions here?

    2. Defense. I know we tend to stay out of cover as lethality snipers. But doesn't cover still get you the 20% defense vs. ranged attacks? So if you're 1v1 against, let's say a sorc or another ranged class, isn't it better to use cover and snipe/series of shots unless you need to LOS (both benefit from steady shots)?

    Lastly on flash grenade and leg shot. As lethality I find them to be pretty limiting. leg shot is reduced to a 2s root (dmg after 2 sec root breaks effect) and stun grenade is used as a debuff only via flash powder as any dot tick will break it. Again assuming 1v1 how do we make better use of these talents?

    I know this is a lot of questions but I'm trying to be a better sniper and would really appeciate your help!

    1. With the full understanding that I am not primarily a PvP player and any suggestions are ... well, suggestions ... (I sometimes use a mixed PvE/PvP pure 31 point Lethality build):

      1. A. It doesn't matter when you use WB. You can use it before Cull to make sure that you consume all your charges in relatively short order if you like.

      1. B. My rotation: Shatter Shot. Poison Dots. WB if available. Cull.

      Once your target gets below 30% lean on Takedown.

      Rifle Shot is what you use while you are waiting for your energy to regenerate.

      1. C. Anything that's up. I prioritize any defensive or control CDs and Rifle Shot. If you're comfortable going into cover and it's a good time to do so, you can use Series of Shots and Ambush. Don't forget you can use Orbital Strike out of cover! Using OS well takes some practice.


      2. Cover gets you a 20% ranged defense bonus against targets in your "cone of cover." Most sorc attacks are not classified as "ranged" attacks and will still hit you for full damage unless you're rocking something like Ballistic Dampers. LoS (as a result of your mobility) is still your single greatest defensive tool as a Lethality Sniper. Don't forget that you can LoS many, many other classes that depend on channeled abilities. Become familiar with the various PvP maps and what causes LoS issues. For example: turret cap points on Alderaan, some low walls and boxes/crates, and other objects in your immediate environment can all be used to creatively LoS opponents and turn the field toward your advantage.

      You won't find yourself using Snipe much at all. Series of Shots and Ambush are frequently the better bets.


      Flash Grenade: This can be used as both an AoE debuff and an escape tool. The grenade effect won't break if you haven't put DoTs on that particular target. This is great to use if you're being charged by multiple enemies. Choose your targets wisely! Be sure you're in a position to do some killing before you apply DoTs. Sometimes it's better to run than engage in a 1v1. Pick your battles accordingly.

      Leg Shot: This can be used to counter other ranged classes when the PvP "action" is moving and in order to set up an opportunity for you to LoS your opponent. I find it particularly effective against Knights/Warriors who have not yet entered a battle or who have gotten out of position following their initial leap. Again, this is more about choosing your targets.

      More to follow (soonish) in my PvP Tactics entry.


Commenting? Thanks, I appreciate it! -Fen