Warzone Damage

So you can see how some of my builds and recommendations work in practice:

I'm "Unfit" in this Warzone. "Fentanyl" was deemed an inappropriate drug reference. I'm planning on appealing that decision. Until then? I'll enjoy the fruits of gearing up and using relics/adrenals. I have 317 Expertise (7% damage increase).

And in the Warzone right after:

(In case you don't know what's after Invincible, it's Immortal.)

Screenshots (click for full size images) taken by Sands, since my hand's still broken. I'll have to take a picture of my cast later -- yes, 400k damage in a full hand cast while playing lying down on a couch. That takes a lot of practice.

My build: Marksmanship (31/7/3).

Happy New Year!


  1. Fentanyl is an inappropriate drug reference? My toon is Ketofol. :p Great blog by th way.

  2. Could we get a post about how you suggest keybinding?

  3. Are you sure your Unfit? Second screenshot shows you are Sands.

  4. Great Build! Loving this site.

  5. Yes, I'm sure my character name is Unfit. Sands is an Operative healer (note the "Operative" under the name!). Sands is also the person who took the screenshots for me.

  6. Since hitting 50 I have been trying to use your recommended PVE rotation/priorities. I say trying because I'm used to my own one, but that just runs me out of energy too quickly in longer fights. Your one definitely seems better though. I noticed that you use Explosive Probe in your rotation so it gave me an idea.

    In a pure PVE Boss setting, no situational AOE, straight up single target DPS would the following build be superior to your recommended one?


    This removes most of the points from the Orbital Strike related talents and puts two of them in to Explosive Engineering. 10% isn't a massive amount (my probe does around 1500 damage? So 150 more) but if you use it enough it will add up.
    You do mention using Orbital Strike against single targets but that is at most once a fight?
    I could be wrong.
    Would a fight containing many improved Explosive Probes out do the initial Orbital Strike.

    My thinking is during all the years of my WoW PVE DPS its generally been fuck AOE/trash, concentrate fully on single target. If in a single target situation I'm going to use Explosive Probe and disregard Orbital Strike would improving that be the better option?

    The one point in Pillbox Sniper could be moved in to Cover Screen or something else you like, but the slight reduction in Entrench may be helpful.

    I do not PVP at all so this would be purely PVE "kill the boss as quickly as possible".

    Just wondering what your thoughts are?

  7. What is the 40k of healing from in both of those btw? Is that from medpacs and such?

  8. I'm around 126 gear mostly, some 136s. None of it has Expertise though. Yesterday was my first time doing pvp. I went into Voidstar and Huttball and placed 2nd and 1st on damage and kills. I went 37-0 in one Huttball. My Sith Marauder buddy was kind of grumbling after that. I'm using the MM spec you had in your recent post. Thanks for all the work and explanation for this class. - Ryan


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