Public Service Announcement: Ability Action Queue

A quick note on Patch 1.1 and the Ability Action Queue (AAQ):

For some people this patch changed the default AAQ setting to 0.5.

This happened to me. My AAQ is normally set to 0.0. It was changed to 0.5 following my patch to 1.1. Another Operative in my guild experienced the same issue. If you have been noticing a strange delay in your abilities following installation of the patch, please check your AAQ setting in the Preferences tab. You may need to change the setting from 0.5 to the number that you prefer.


  1. AAQ should actually smooth the use of your abilities.

    Assuming the spell queue is just like WoW if you aren't using AAQ you are losing DPS in most situations.
    You need a small queue to compensate for any latency if the game checks server side if you are allowed to cast something yet.

    1. "Should" being the operative word. I consistently perceived a degree of "clunkiness" or unresponsiveness in the UI with my AAQ set at the relatively high number of 0.5. I have very low latency and appreciate the more snappy response with my AAQ set to 0.0. When using any number higher than 0.0 I have personally observed a delay in casting or channeled abilities (i.e. what I have queued up ... queues up more slowly than I would have been able to trigger the action myself by literally avoiding the queue system). YMMV.

  2. wow thanks Fen, I knew something was off.

  3. Exactly what the other poster said. AAQ doesn't delay your abilities, it allows you send messages to the server early. If I have 0.1 seconds latency and I want to spam a 1.5 second spell, without AAQ I can only cast every 1.6 seconds. With AAQ at any value greater than 0.1, I can hit the ability early and have it queue up so that it casts right after the cooldown is up.

    The history behind this is that in WoW, you used to have to cancel casts with a macro to get around latency and hit abilities early, and use a casting bar ui mod that showed your latency in red to know when to use it. They eventually implemented a spell queue system so that people didn't need to use this technique.


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