Biochem: Verdict (Required for Pure DPS)

You heard it here first. If you're a class that can't fill a role other than DPS, you need to be using Biochem in order to maximize your output. The Rakata reusables are just too good not to get and no pure DPS endgame raider should be without them. It might take you some time to get them (the only way to get the required materials is to do Hardmode Flashpoints and Normal/Hard Operations), but I have all of them and I can tell you from experience that they're worth it.

Rakata Attack Adrenal
Rakata Skill Stim
Rakata Medpac

I rest my case.


  1. Wow no joke, those are sick. Bio Chem here I come!

    Been doing two gathering skills for money, and got too late into the splicing game, but I was thinking I was going to do biochem and you just made my decision. Thanks!

  2. I agree with Fentanyl here. I have tried the attack vs critical vs surge and after some napkin math, the attack one pulls ahead.

  3. First of all, thank you for your guide. Now on to my point/question:

    Surely they will change this in some way, because if they don't, every min-max player in the game will roll Biochem to be able to use these. I'm sure you already know that- with Cybertech for example- you can create BoP ear pieces, but they're not even as good as some of the other max level ones that anyone can grab.


  4. Re: Cybertech, their special bop is grenades. They make 5 or 6 different types that are reusable with a short cooldown. It would be interesting to see if the overall dps increase from the biochem was higher or if they balanced it all.

  5. 350 in cybertech... shit.

  6. Cybertech may or may not be more useful in PvP. I haven't had a chance to evaluate it.

    I can say that Biochem is always useful. And it's especially good for PvE raiders.

  7. While I agree that Biochem seems to be the clear choice right now, lets not forget that end-game balancing hasn't been addressed yet.

    I am for one going to hold on to Cybertech and hope that BW balances the crew skills. Not sure what it will take for balance, but lets hope it means buffs to other skills, and not a nerf to Biochem.

  8. I'm rolling armstech i'm assuming that's a terrible idea?

  9. It's not a terrible idea, so to speak. But it's not Biochem. For raiding and high PvE damage you kinda want Biochem. I'd recommend doing Armstech on an alt. For what it's worth: our 400-level Armstech is a little disappointed in the range of weapons and jealous of my Biochem.

  10. Level Cybertech 1st, make the bop bombs, drop the skill and level Biochem?

    Wouldn't that be the best choice by far?

  11. If Cybertech reusables are anything like Biochem reusables (i.e. BoP), then you have to be Cybertech in order to be able to use the "top quality" ones. You have to be 400 Biochem in order to continue using the Rakata meds. If anyone has found differently I'd be interested to hear about it.

  12. The purple bombs are bound (the simpler ones are not! Check your local market!), no skill is needed to use them. It is needed to learn them though.

    Note: I have not tested this personally ingame. And I suspect if this is the case this will be changed in a patch I imagine.

  13. @Fentanyl and Kutsuki

    Thanks for the recommendation. How much does the Attack Adrenal pull ahead compared to the critical one, just in general terms (significant or minimal)? I'm currently using the critical adrenal but based on your recommendations, the attack one's better.

    Thanks again!

    1. Critical hits are still chance-based (and the casters I know use the crit-surge adrenal). Power has generally been the clear choice for physical DPS.

      As much as I like the chance to get critical hits, I don't rely on them for the majority of my damage anymore.


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