The Foundry (Early Access Note)

Just a quick note to let you know that the last boss of the Foundry has the potential to bug. I'm not yet sure what caused it for my group, but I figured you guys would want to know.

The "Mysterious Jedi" you fight at the end of the Flashpoint casts a shield that is supposed to "pop" toward the very end of encounter (think less than 7% health remaining). Our boss stayed shielded and nothing we did could get the shield to engage properly. I discussed the bug with a few guildies and it's possible that we pushed through the phase so fast that the graphic effects that were supposed to occur (a burst of lightning) locked up and didn't play.

Unfortunately, that meant the shield stayed up as well! We fought the boss at about 4% health for something like ten minutes while we tried to figure out the special gimmick.

Turns out we should have just jumped over the railings, re-entered the Flashpoint, and tried again. The fight played out correctly on the second try.

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