Marksman/Lethality Hybrid (16/2/23)

So I hit 50 Sniper and tried this 16/2/23 build.

Result: I don't recommend it. It's extremely energy intensive. Read after the cut for the full analysis.

Here's the build:

You could even take out Adhesive Corrosives and go Lethal Purpose, and I don't think you'd see much difference in the energy usage.

The only thing that makes this build half-viable is that one point in Sniper's Nest.

Playstyle: Massive single-target burst. You're basically a cover-dependent Sniper (i.e. to take advantage of the in-cover energy bonus) with a few new tricks. You can't run around as this type of Lethality build. I used my regular "Marksmanship" sniper abilities on standard targets and saved DoT+Cull for Strong/Elite targets.

Pros: Very high damage in a short window.

Cons: Unsustainable energy usage. Cull uses 30 energy (~1/3 of your bar) and is on a nine-second cooldown. In order to make Cull hit well, you also have to have both of your poisons (Corrosive Dart and Corrosive Grenade) on your target. This is only worthwhile on strong or armored targets. You're still pretty much drained after one rotation.

Verdict: It's fun, but impractical. It also eats energy faster than about anything I've ever seen (including the old Engineering tree!). I could see some applications for this spec as a build in PvP, but even then I wouldn't recommend it because of the energy concerns. In PvP you want to be able to use your CC abilities and many of those cost energy. This build demands a large amount of energy and locks you down into one role: single-target burst DPS. You don't even have the option of "sustained" DPS anymore.

I'm of the opinion that the Lethality tree needs a little help right now, especially compared to the Marksmanship and Engineering trees. Although the Lethality playstyle can be fun it still comes with prohibitively high energy costs.

NB: It is impossible to get both Cull and EMP Discharge in the same build.

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  1. Wouldn't this be a better hybrid build (Marks/eng 23/16/2)?

    Haven't thought through the filler points but hope this works:

    I was just thinking about the possibilities of having snipers nest and imperial methodology if it turns out marksmen are more energy capped on dps than ability cooldown capped.

    3 cluster bombs at 5 energy each + the saving from efficient engineering on exp probe is 19 energy per 30 seconds (in savings and returns) - Assuming i understand imperial methodology.
    You also get snipers nest so should be swimming in energy.

    Unlike an engineer spec which has more energy still from emp and adrenaline probe you get followthrough and its cd reduction so you have another shot between your long cds.

    If you have 40% crit then imperial assasin is 0.4 X 0.15 = 6% extra damage average on 3 shot types. Imperial assasin seems very expensive for 5 points.
    Rapid fire seems really good but is on a 90second cd so im not sure if its a big enough sustained DPS deal.

    Because of my doubts on these the top 2 tier marksman talents I was playing around with the points elsewhere and that was the best I could do.

  2. I started with a Marksmanship/Lethality hybrid build because I thought, with Sniper's Nest, that it'd have a chance at being viable. The thing is that it just eats so much energy!

    You're right that a Marksmanship/Engineering hybrid is a potentially better build. I was contemplating testing it out last night, but I had to get back to my normal Marksmanship PvE spec for Hardmode Flashpoints.

    I may have some time today to do more spec testing, assuming repair costs don't bankrupt me first. Your build is very close to to the Engineering/Marksmanship hybrid I was considering.

    The issue, of course, is that you don't need to worry about threat in PvP and you will very much have to worry about threat in PvE. A DPS Sniper can pull hate off of any tank at any time -- even an exceptional tank. You basically have to play smart and pace yourself.


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