Weekly Outlook

I have enough disparate requests for information that I figured I'd better start keeping people updated on my plans (and the status of their questions).

NB: I now own "imperialsniper.com." That domain redirects here to the blog. I'd appreciate you using the shorter link in referrals and credits. It may also be worth updating your bookmarks (though you can still get here using the old url).

Update: TORhead has been changing links to their skill/talent calculator. My build links are now updated to reflect the new urls. (Thanks, Frank!)

Today's Posts

The Engineering section of the guide (07) is now available! Apologies for the delay (see personal notes). All relevant pages and tables of contents have been updated as well.

Upcoming Topics
  • 08 Lethality (Evening December 11th, pending final revisions and tooltip linking)
  • Sniper Leveling Tips and Tricks (December 11th-12th)
  • 09 PvE Tactics (December 12th, pending final revisions)
  • 10 PvP Tactics (December 12th-13th, pending final revisions)
  • Building a Marksman/Engineering Hybrid: Choices (December 12th-13th)
  • Additional topics and leveling logs (Daily, as Early Access opens and I begin my climb to 50)
Upcoming Pages
  • Gunslinger/Sniper Ability List and Translations (I "speak" both classes fluently)
Personal Notes

I broke my left hand snowboarding this morning (I'm left-handed, though I write with my right hand). All entries and revisions are now being dictated to a sympathetic editor. I'm divided about streaming beyond a few scheduled times in the evening. I have no doubt that my being literally "gimp" would be as painful for you to watch as it will be for me to play! Haha.

Have a question you'd like to see added to the "Upcoming Topics" list? Email me at: Fentanyl213@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Incredible; Bioware does some intense nerfing ;)

    Take the time to heal yourself or you may pay for it in the long run. I appreciate the information you churn out but you want that hand to heal as quickly and cleanly as possible. Thank you for all the work you have done up to this point.

  2. It's "just" the fifth metatarsal. But the x-ray was not pleasant to look at. I'm getting a cast next week after the swelling goes down.

    Even trying to WASD around in Assassin's Creed was pretty awkward. So much for a "fast" rush to 50! I'm a member of a progression raiding guild, so at this point they may just have to deal if I need to click and take "ice breaks."

    Thanks for the kind words.

  3. sucks to hear about your hand... hope it heals well.

  4. You're doing great job with the blog, keep it up! And hope the hand heals quick.

  5. Sorry to hear about the hand !! Get well soon bro


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