What should I do when I'm not in cover?

Reader question from Stephen, reprinted with permission:
I'm currently a lvl 31 gunslinger and usually when I'm not in cover (chasing someone - pvp) my attacks that I use so far are Flurry of Bolts and Quick Shot (if my Leg Shot is on cooldown). Is it appropriate?

Any more suggestions for when I'm not in cover?

 NB: For Snipers, those abilities are Rifle Shot and Overload Shot.

Answer: Mostly I use any debuffs that aren't on cooldown. Think about adding Flash Bang / Flash Grenade. These are AoE 8-second stuns with a 30m range and can give you time to set up in cover again. You can use Takedown / Quickdraw as well (these finishers can be used out of cover). If someone runs away, I usually pick a different target in range. I consider making someone run away as "mission accomplished."

A funny trick is putting an Explosive Probe / Sabotage Charge on someone right before they run away (most people run between 40-30% health) and then detonating it with  Overload Shot / Quick Shot or Rifle Shot / Flurry of Bolts and finishing them off.


  1. I agree with you. I do not recommend chasing because we run at default run speed. People can easily line of sight you while running. Also note other classes such as Sith Marauders have a +15% run speed boost in combat through talents.

  2. -Would an Interrogation Probe with the mnovement debuff be useful here? I really like the probe but have not used it extensively in PvP, curious how the speed debuff seems to work there.

    Tulsa_ld, level 25 Probe-focused Sniper

  3. You are correct. Engineering Snipers and Saboteur Gunslingers will want to use Interrogation Probe and Shock Charge, respectively.

    The Lethality and Dirty fighting trees have a similar option to add a slow to Corrosive Grenade and Shrap Bomb.

    Anything that adds a slow effect is potentially useful in PvP.


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